At The Safe House, staff work closely with residents to build their skills and improve their quality of life.  Many people who live here have not had opportunities to learn how to live independently.  The staff believe that each and every person here can learn new life and work skills.

With very limited funding and financial resources, residents at The Safe House work at creating a self sustaining lifestyle.

Agricultural and Handicraft pursuits help the residents both cater to their immediate needs and generate income to further purchase things that The Safe House needs.

The staff work at supporting the learning of the residents and providing 24 hour care.  Most residents will need support for the rest of their lives.


The Sangklaburi Safe House
The main building of the Safe House


Kitchen Garden
Patients working in the garden


Women's Dormitory
Women's Dormitory

Safe House Kitchen
The Safe House Kitchen

Safe House Toilets
The Safe House Toilets